My career in serving the citizens of Burlington extended from 1975 until retirement in 2015. The first 27 years of my professional career was in Recreation and Parks in various leadership capacities including the role of Department Head for 14 years. During my tenure, the department not only provided a wide array of leisure opportunities but also planned and developed a number of high quality leisure facilities with the support of our citizens.

Partnerships for Progress

Every community regardless of size faces challenges, no different than all of us as individuals. Partnerships are required to effectively deal with these challenges. Partnerships are required first with our citizens whether it’s on broad policy creation such as a Unified Development Code to a neighborhood concern about traffic control to an individual concern as storm water drainage. It is the same principal in the business development community regardless if it involves the recruitment of an innovative international business such as Honda Aero, to the retention of Labcorb’s footprint, to the development of a small family owned local business. Any business interest is important if we want our City to draw new residents, increase tax base and offer amenities which attract both the young family and support desires of current residents.

Quality of Life

While there are a number of definitions and descriptions for the term “Quality of Life”, the one which I can relate to the most is “Well Being of Individuals and Communities”. Should this concept be an important point of discussion for a City Council election? Absolutely, YES! Every City should partner with the residents of neighborhoods in an effort to improve the well being of the community they reside.